If you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident you may wonder how to settle your claim. The claim may be for vehicle damage, property damage or personal injury damages. You will want to settle the claim as quickly as possible. The following advice will allow you to continue with your life was quickly as possible.

At The Scene of the Accident.

The car accident may be a simple ‘fender bender’, or a more serious incident. You should gather as much information at the scene as possible. You should obtain the name and contact details of the other driver. You should also ask for the other driver’s insurance company details and their policy number. If there are witnesses to the accident it would be helpful to get their contact details. Should law enforcement arrive at the scene ask them for their name and ID numbers.

Photographic Evidence.

Most people have a mobile phone with a camera. It is advisable to take as many photos as possible. Photograph the damage done to the vehicles involved, the position of the vehicles and the license plate numbers. An insurance company will want a lot of information. If you are able to provide a complete picture of the accident you will help your claim.

Insurance Companies: Friend or Foe?

Insurance companies are out to make money. How they make money is to pay as little on claims as possible. The best way to ensure that you obtain the maximum recompense for your claim is to have overwhelming evidence in your favour. Insurance companies will try to claim that the accident is at least partially your fault. The insurer will do this to reduce the payout. If you can clearly prove with evidence and witness testimony that you were not at fault you will receive a larger payout. Don not take the first offer your insurer makes. They will always offer a lower amount. If they refuse to pay the stipulated amount you may have to pursue other options.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer.

If the insurance company refuses to pay the stated benefit for your claim you may have to contract a lawyer to take your case to trial. Motor vehicle accident lawyers specialise in pursuing claims with insurance companies. A specialist motor vehicle accident lawyer will be able to take the evidence that you have gathered and make a strong claim on your behalf. Insurance companies do not want to go to court over a claim. They will do everything they can to avoid legal action. Expert car accident & personal injury lawyers know this. The best legal representation will be able to gain the maximum benefit

for your claim.

This information is a general guide only and should not be viewed as expert advice for your individual circumstances. If you have any questions about your personal insurance plan you should consult your insurer and read any PDS the insurance agent has provided. You may also wish to contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer to review your case.

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